Little Chance SU Misses NCAA Tournament

Despite losing seven of the last ten games, the SU basketball team still is in no danger of missing the NCAA Tournament. After two consecutive seasons of sitting on the bubble, the ‘Cuse has done more than enough to safely make the tournament in 2009.

Three non-conference wins against Memphis (who sits in the top five in the country) as well as surging Kansas and bubble team Florida will propel the Orange into the tournament as the team picks up at least nine Big East wins. A .500 conference record in the very strong Big East is good enough to go dancing because of how terribly weak the bubble is this season.

I broke down the bubble on Friday, eventually coming up with 25 different teams competing for the final ten at large spots. Syracuse was so safely in the tournament entering Friday, that they weren’t even being considered for of the final ten spots. In fact, the ‘Cuse is sitting at a seven or eight seed which means there’s another six to eight teams behind them. Basically, the Orange would have to go on a dry spell that’s so devastating that about 15 to 18 bubble teams could pass them.

To put in perspective how bad the bubble is, those 25 bubble teams went 11-14 over the weekend.

With games against Rutgers and Cincinnati in the Carrier Dome as well as lowly St. John’s in Madison Square Garden (Syracuse’s home away from home), SU should easily get to nine wins and probably finish with ten in the regular season. The Orange’s first Big East Tournament game should be against the 10th or 11th place team which means Jim Boeheim’s club should be able to pick up 11 conference victories when it’s all said and done.

So Syracuse stop the bubble talk. It’s absolutely pointless.

If St. John’s puts a whooping on the ‘Cuse Tuesday night, then you can sound the alarms.


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