Donte Greene’s Musical Talent

Last year, Donte Greene showed SU fans a side you usually don’t see with athletes when the then-freshman phenom sat down with the Sour Sitrus Sociey for a jam session.

Greene was back in town because of the NBA All-Star break and decided to pay the Sour Sitrus Society a visit once again during Saturday’s game against Georgetown.

If Donte Greene’s girl friend wasn’t have a baby, you have to wonder if Greene would have gone pro after last year. It’s understandable he pursued his dream of playing in the NBA and making the money that goes along with it with a child on the way. Greene was very animated sitting courtside throughout the entire Georgetown game, repeatedly high-fiving current SU players and turning around to the crowd trying to pump the student section up. That kind of passion is something Greene probably doesn’t get in the NBA.


One Response to “Donte Greene’s Musical Talent”

  1. Thought that was very interesting (and kinda cool too)… how Greene was so into the game.

    Shoot, he showed more positive body language next to Daryl Gross in the front row than he did for most of the 2007-08 season.

    If he put in a slice of that kind of effort on the defensive side of the ball, i wouldn’t have been as happy to ee him leave the team!

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